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10/09/2019 Letter to Scottsdale City Manager re: General Plan


Date: October 9, 2019

TO:  Jim Thompson, City Manager Scottsdale

Thanks so much for meeting with the COGS Board of Directors on September 30th.  We applaud your positive attitude on updating the General Plan for compliance with the new state mandates on Energy and Neighborhood Preservation.  Additionally, we all want a successful conclusion with voter approval of the new full General Plan .  

There are 3 elements that COGS believes are essential for ratification of the General Plan by the voters:
1) The facilitator of the Citizen Committee must be neutral with no ties to developers or development,
2) The Citizen Committee must be exactly that, a committee that represents the best interest of citizens,
3) There needs to be recognition of "Desert Rural" and "Rural Neighborhoods" as it pertains to the Land Use Matrix.  

The current General Plan is porous. There is no recognition of the importance of Neighborhood Preservation. The continued upzoning of North Scottsdale is hurting our community. Fully 90% of all developer requests for higher density zoning are approved. People come here to experience the desert and live in its wonders. The upzoning is diminishing the desert which is irreplaceable.

The controversial upheaval in downtown Scottsdale is partially a result of similar upzoning.  The use of "bonuses" by developers continues the erosion.  Scottsdale citizens see this as a giveaway to developers that is neither wanted nor needed.

COGS wants to see citizens have a significant impact on the new General Plan. Voters have negative feelings about City Council and what it has done to Scottsdale by fulfilling some unknown vision and plan for the city. COGS believes a plan that is driven by those of us who live here, pay taxes and preserve our resources, needs to be presented.


COGS Board of Directors
Betty Janik, President





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